It’s okay … the motherhood journey

Motherhood is many things. It is hard, and it is rewarding. It is exhausting, and it is enlightening. It is messy, and it is full of endless surprises.

Some days Sophia will sleep until 8:30 a.m. and I decide to wake up early on these days to sip tea in silence, browse Pinterest, answer emails or take a shower–of course once she hears the shower she immediately wakes up and decides to jump in too, she’s too worried I’ll get ready without her–yes she’s almost 7 and sometimes takes showers with me! Yup, I know…but the excitement she expresses to share in this moment with me all to quickly stops me from saying no. I also know I’m going to miss feeling needed like this one day.


So what are my thoughts about motherhood… well… it is about feeling guilty, then feeling victorious. It’s being tired, but somehow mustering the energy you need to smile and get through the day. My blog post has been inspired by this weeks events. I have been at work from 10am to 6pm, this rarely happens but since we are orientating new students into the program, duty calls. Even though, I am aware these work hours are the norm for many mamas I can’t help but express the frustration and uneasiness I feel being away this long from Sophia.

So what do I tell myself…

By following my passions I am a happier person

I get very excited when I accomplish things at work and push myself to grow and I take this excitement home with me.  Sharing my passion with my Sophia shows her that it is good to pursue her passions and be responsible for her own happiness.

This blog post is also about saying, that it’s okay to yearn for days when a quiet, peaceful shower or tea time alone is okay.

It is okay to feed your children chicken nuggets for dinner because you feel like you have nothing left inside to give and you just need to survive bedtime so you can watch The Handmaids Tale in bed when it’s over.– FYI The Handmaids Tale is seriously brilliant and terrifying all at the same time!

It is okay to want to run for the hills once bedtime approaches, but also to be sad when you missed bedtime stories and kisses. 💋 It is okay to miss your ‘pre-motherhood’ self and the independence you often took for granted, but at the same time, to not even be able to fathom who you would be without your children. Or what you would do.


Okay, so to conquer the day with a positive attitude because you’re the best mom ever!

No one ever said motherhood was easy, but it sure is an experience. When you want to scream, laugh, cry, or hug, or when you’re feeling all alone, just remember, we’re all out there in the trenches with you.



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