Poem: Pedagogical Pathways By Margaret Mykietyshyn

Pedagogical Pathways

By Margaret Mykietyshyn
Inspired by and dedicated to Lee Makovichuk and the early learning educators of MacEwan University Lab School for their enlightening illuminations of Play, Participation and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta
~June 2015

A pathway
What sets it on its trajectory?
A thought, a question, an idea, a theory
What’s the inspiration?
Does it start with imagination
Or a profound provocation?
A star, a ray of light, a reflection, a collection
A treasure basket full of beautiful things
Nature’s sticks, stones, leaves and tree rings
Fostering play—safe, risky, messy, dizzy.

A pathway of learning
Are we certain we are listening?
We notice playing, seeking, caring, persisting
What is our role?
Do we nurture and scaffold
Then carefully observe as ideas take hold?
A sketch, a beaded pattern, a process, a canvas
A mobile adorned with woven messages
Literacy’s symbols, stories, narratives and languages
Stimulating sentiments—novel, untold, cautious, bold.

A pathway of teaching
How does meaning find its way?
Through observing, documenting, interpreting, synthesizing
Is it research and inquiry
That begin the ideas spiraling
As enlightened interpretations invite family celebrations?
The project, big idea, investigation, a child’s creation
A ‘co’ wonderer supporting their passions
Inquiry’s curiosity, agency, troubles and tensions
Igniting enthusiasm—to wonder, hypothesize, question, problematize.

My pathway
Who do I want to be?
A leader, a player, a carer, an imaginer of possibility
Should I act as a guide?
Do I share in the pride
As I choose to walk alongside?
Scintillations, conversations, negotiations, transformations
An educator practicing communications and relations
Learning’s dispositions, conceptions, associations and illuminations
Nurturing the mighty learner’s—meanings, process, connections, genius.

Pathways of pedagogy.



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