Light and Shadow Inquiry Questions

Light can pass through some objects and is blocked by others. Where the light is blocked we see shadows.

“Light,” in the Reggio Emilia Approach acknowledges light as a material children use, a language, a way for children to create new languages and possibilities.

 Using the overhead projector, explore what makes a shadow and what doesn’t. We call an object transparent if we can clearly see through it. It lets most light pass through and doesn’t make much of a shadow. We call an object translucent if it lets some light through. We can’t see through a translucent object and it makes a pale shadow. We call an object opaque if it doesn’t let any light pass through. It makes a dark shadow.


Inquiry Questions: About Light and Shadow

  • Where is the light coming from?
  • How can we play with light?
  • What happens when you move the light?
  • Does the spot of light always look the same? Can you make it bigger or smaller?
  • What happens if you put an object in the path of light?
  • What is creating the shadow?
  • Are all your shadows the same size and shape?
  •  How are shadows made?
  • Does the light come through the blocks, beads etc ? Does it make a shadow on the wall?


    Reference: Why it Works: Light and Dark by Anna Claybourne


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